Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham Shri Krishna Pranami Dharma Mahotsav 9th April To 11th April 2017 at Shri Baijiraj Maharani Ashram - Dhoraji
Live Darshan
Live Darshan
Najarpur Mandir Live!
Mangla Aarti   05:15 AM
Singar Aarti   09:00 AM
Raj Bhog Aarti   11:00 AM
Temple Close   11:15 AM
Temple Open   03:00 PM
Sandhya Aarti   06:45 PM
Podhawni   09:00 PM
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Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham Khijada Mandir Trust
Jamnagar 361 001 (India)

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Trust Regd #E-1212
Shri Nijanad Sikshan Sansthan
Jamnagar 361 001 (India)

Sukh Shital Karu Sansar

Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham is the prominent religious & spiritual center situated near the ancient Khambhalia Gate of Jamnagar city in Gujarat. This peeth was founded by Nijanand Swami Shri Devchandraji in 1630. He named it as 'Navtanpuri Dham'. Mahamati Prannathji (the son of Keshav Thakur, the then Chief Minister of the Jamnagar State) was the foremost disiple of Achraya Shri Devachandraji Maharaj. Mahamati Prananthji spread this Sampradaya through nooks & corner of the Western, Central, and Northern India. During the course of time Navtanpuri Dham became the prominent Achraya Peeth of Nijanand Sampradaya. Due to the infinite and incessant love, devotion and submission to Shri Krishna as the supreme Authority, the Nijanand sect became famous as Shri Krishna Pranami Dharma. Its slogan is 'Sukh Shital Karun Sansar' means 'Let me spread peace and happiness unto everybody.

To fulfil this objective Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham engages itself in various charitable, social, religious, secular (non-religious) and cultural activities under the divine guidance of the present Achrayashri 108 Krishnamani Maharajshri as under:

  1. The Main temple, famous as Khijada Mandir, is for the devotees to get Darshan and to fulfil their desires with happiness and blessings.
  2. Gadi Orado of Shri Nijanand Swami for meditation.
  3. Permanent Dispensary in the temple premises for the poor people.
  4. Mobile Dispensary for the rural people of Jamnagar District.
  5. Gurukul (boarding) for the students of rural area.
  6. Running four schools for upgrading the education in Jamnagar
  7. Established Research Oriented Gaushala (Cattle shed) for the protection and promotion of the Gir-breed cows.
  8. Sponsored number of environmental oriented activities and participated in instant relief programs for the affected people during Natural Calamities viz; flood ravages, cyclone, earthquake etc.. The service rendered by the Temple Trust in rehabilitation during the earthquake in Kutch is much appreciated by the people at large.

All above services and activities are for serve to GOD and open for all mankind.

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